Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I recently completed 5 illustrations to accompany some help points on this CV+Plus website. The website will be launching soon.  

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bloomsbury Publishing

I recently illustrated this book for Bloomsbury. It's a cool book for Dad's who have run out ideas of how to play with their little ones and it's jam packed full of fun ideas! I had fun drawing these! 

You can buy the book at bloomsbury here -

or on Amazon here -

        • project17-1

        • project17-4

        • project17-6

        • project17-7

        • project17-5

        • project17-9

        • project17-3

        • project17-10

        Bloomsbury Publishing

        Small Talk Exhibition

        • project16-1

        I recently illustrated a poster for the 'Small Talk' event in Birmingham.  They hold meet ups for creatives with the idea that small talk can lead to greater things! Hence the pant talk and batman and robin. I'm sure a) they had this conversation at some point surely and b) they were in the post office....obviously.

        Small Talk Exhibition

        Friday, 21 February 2014

        Off on an adventure!

        First off, this has got to be one of the weirdest drawings I've done, me and my bloke as sloths. Why sloths? And why so touristy? Well I wanted to let you know why you might see drawings of Vietnamese characters or painted pebble faces from an Australian beach.  

        On Tuesday me and Mike (pictured holding the camera) are flying to Sydney. We're visiting my little sis and also taking a trip to Vietnam. It's all VERY exciting (I might wee myself). 
        I drew us as sloths because you've got to slow down and take it easy on holiday and when you're on adventures, so that you don't miss anything! But the brown colour definitely doesn't represent our skin tone (in fact i think we may blind a few people with our whiteness)

        While I'm away having a jolly good time, my shops will still be open because I've roped in my family to send out orders! (they're the best!) So you can still order from Big Cartel, Not on the Highstreet, Etsy or Ask Her Friends

        I'm taking my sketchbook and hoping to come back with lots of fresh new drawings and ideas for new projects. 

        Give me a shout if you know of anywhere super cool I should check out in Sydney! -shops, galleries or what not. 


        Sarah x

        Tuesday, 11 February 2014

        FREE print with orders!!

        Have you read my latest newsletter?  I've got a pretty sweet offer on at the moment, FREE badge with every order and a FREE A3 print if you spend £15 or more in my shop! 

        That's a whole A3 signed print on recycled 300gsm paper! There's a choice of designs, see here:

        Happy February!! xx

        Wednesday, 5 February 2014

        Wrap it up!!!

        Oh my, I was quite excited today when my wrapping paper arrived (a ton of it!) It's always a scary moment when you have a look for the first time at a new product..but it looks good!! Pheweee..

        Here's some photos I took today - don't look at my wrapping skills (or lack of) I'm sure you could do better!

        Design 1 - Dance!

        Design 2 - Nice Face

        Tuesday, 28 January 2014

        Brainy notes and windy selfies (it make sense in the post)

        Hey, I went on a walk the other day and really enjoyed the wet and windy weather, because, guess what? I saw a double rainbow! And I loved being blown around and embracing the weather (which most of the time isn't so nice when you're trying to go about your daily tasks). So if you're bored of the  waether at the moment (I"m talking UK!) get your waterproof on and go and take some selfies in the wind. Oh yeahh.

        In other news, I wanted to share these new notebooks I've now got in my shop

        They are A5 with blank pages (all fsc certified paper) with a lovely 300gsm callisto paper cover.  Finished off with rounded corners which I think always adds a friendly touch. They are £3.95 each. I hope you like them!

        I've also got wrapping paper coming soon which I'll be bloggin about when it arrives. Yippee.


        Tuesday, 21 January 2014

        Some photos from Top Drawer London

        Hello! I thought I would post some photos from Top Drawer, that went on last week, I had a jolly nice time and met lots of other jolly nice humans.

        I had a rather large stand (for little me) because I had won an awards last Jan and used the prize money towards a bigger stand. It was a bit scary but I think I filled it all pretty much. I had a bit of a case of saggy shelf syndrome but it was all fine.

        Thanks to all that visited!

        Setting up



        Tuesday, 7 January 2014

        Top Drawer Preparations..oh and Happy New Year!

        Wow it's 2014, sounds like the future! Thank you for everyone's support, encouragement and illustration appreciation over the last year, you lot are awesome.  

        So, Top Drawer London preparations;

        I've been painting a big wooden sign..

        Getting new things illustrated and printed;

        and generally running around like a headless chicken or a blue bottle or a daddy longlegs or one of those really scampy little mice that sniff here, sniff there. That kind of thing. But I'm not doing much sniffing really.

        If you're visiting the show I'll be at stand K39, see you there!

        Friday, 13 December 2013

        What I saw today amongst other things..DECEMBER NEWSLETTER

        Here's my December newsletter, you can view it here;

        It contains stuff like this;

        plus discounts and bad taste jumpers

        Tuesday, 3 December 2013

        Blog & Buy Christmas Wish List


        Oooooooh D E C E M B E R

        Just a quick note to say you can find my HENRY card in Blog & Buy's wonderful Christmas wish list which has got lots of fantastically creative things to browse through.

        Here is a link

        and here's a link to my shop
        They are £2.60 each and you can also get packs of 10 for £20 so you can send everyone a Henry for Christmas.

        Thursday, 28 November 2013

        At the MAC for round two

        I'll be at the Midlands art centre in Birmimgham for another round of art markets Saturday and Sunday this weekend! 11am til 5pm. 

        I've been making caterpillar and slug brooches especially. I liked drawing their legs. 

        Thursday, 14 November 2013

        Come and visit!

        Come along to the MAC ( if you are about in Birmingham this weekend. There's lots of lovely makers, a variety of handmade gifts.

        Monday, 4 November 2013

        Christmas Cards ahoy!!

        I've forgotten to blog about these here christmas cards, that have so far gone down really well.
        My rude star design is so popular that I've run out already, have more back in stock soon!

        The good thing about them (so I've been told) is they are a bit on the unusual side so if you're bored of the pretty snow scenes, glittery robins or naff snowmen, look no further!

        You can find them here